Java Web Developer / Front-End Developer / Network Administrator / MIS網路管理工程師 / PHP Developer / 維運工程師

作者 山豬科技股份有限公司.



徵聘職務:Senior Java Web Developer


遵照標準及規格開發新功能及既有功能,在專案時間內開發穩定以及可信賴的軟體。 為了提升溝通合作效率以及發揮團隊的最大力量,我們採用Scrum的開發流程,並且使用git做版本控管。 
我們期待您有使用以下工具或是框架三年以上的經驗 :

Must have:

- Spring Boot / Spring MVC / Hibernate
- JUnit

Nice to have:

- RestFul Develop
- Intellij IDE
- Third-party API integration
- Linux Shell
- Docker
- Network Knowledge (CDN, Firewall, Proxy, Cache)

徵聘職務:Senior Front-End Developer(React /Redux)


遵照標準及規格開發新功能及既有功能,在專案時間內開發穩定以及可信賴的軟體。 為了提升溝通合作效率以及發揮團隊的最大力量,我們採用Scrum的開發流程,並且使用git做版本控管。

- Node.js
- React / Redux
- Babel & ES6
- Build systems (gulp, webpack, etc.)

徵聘職務:Java Web Developer


遵照標準及規格開發新功能及既有功能,在專案時間內開發穩定以及可信賴的軟體。 為了提升溝通合作效率以及發揮團隊的最大力量,我們採用Scrum的開發流程,並且使用git做版本控管。

- Spring Boot 
- Intellij IDE 
- Linux Shell 
- RestFul Develop 

徵聘職務:Sr. Network Administrator


We are seeking staff that shall provide critical support and hands-on expertise in the areas of network applications design, configuration, and deployment assistance. The engineer shall work as part of server side teams to research emerging technologies and develop new technologies.

* Responsibilities:
- Build and operationalize a highly available network
- Configure and maintain all routers, switches and firewalls (Cisco, Juniper)
- Keep up to date with new technologies and best practices to introduce new features across the organization
- Identify inefficiencies and make suggestions for process improvements

* Qualified candidates shall:
-Troubleshoot and resolve complex 2nd and 3rd level network related problems.
-In-depth and hands on experience in network security; Firewalls, VPN (SSL & IPsec), Web-Proxies.
-Experience installing and configuring traditional and next-gen firewalls: Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Juniper.
-IDS/IPS, Routing, Switching, Load Balancing, CDN etc.
-Experience with Syslog, Splunk, and security monitoring tools.
-Experience with network services like DNS, DHCP, Radius, TACACS, SNMP, LDAP.
-Solid knowledge in networking technologies such as Ethernet, MPLS, IPSec, VLANs, HSRP, TCP/IP, QoS, ACLs, VPNs, TE, QoS, etc.
-Expert-level knowledge of network routing and switching technologies and protocols like EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, and BGP.
- Process good level of knowledge and working experience in internetworking, IP routing, VPN based networks.
- Hands on experience in the following products will be advantageous: Cisco, F5, and Riverbed.
- Coordinate resources where necessary and serve as escalation point to 1st & 2nd level operational teams.
- Participate in or may lead problem resolution and cause analysis.
- Deploy and document changes in accordance with problem and change management process.
- Conducts root cause analysis and implements mitigating strategies for problem management to identify trends that cause organizational inefficiencies.
- Work closely with other members of the IT team and end users.
- Able to deal with ambiguity and work independently with minimal supervision and guidance.
- Experience troubleshooting issues while interacting with vendor technical support.
- Knowledgeable of network industry trends and todays IT security challenges.
- Experience in an application hosting or data center environment.
- Bachelor or Higher degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Telecommunication.
- Bachelors' Degree in Computer Science or other technology field; typically requires a minimum of 7-10 years of experience or equivalent with professional



1. 公司系統/網路建置、維護、監控、異常處理
2. 負責維運機房虛擬化系統設備(Vmware ESXi and storage)
3. AWS、阿里雲、G-Suite等雲端服務系統管理
4. 資料備份及復原機制設計規劃
5. 熟悉Linux,有相關經驗者佳
6. 協助公司員工解決資訊相關問題
7. 主管交辦之事項

徵聘職務:PHP Developer


1. 熟悉PHP、MySQL(2+年以上經驗)
2. 平台網站程式開發、維護
3. 前後端系統開發建置
4. 伺服器端相關接口開發
5. 熟悉HTML/CSS/JavaScript
6. 有Linux 相關操作經驗者佳
7. 網站產品和網站功能模組的開發與維護
8. 程式串接API開發/維護
9. 有開發 MVC/MV*框架&SPA架構的經驗



1. 公司系統/網路建置、維護、監控、異常處理
2. 熟悉Linux,unix,windows 作業系統
3. 熟悉各種常用Web伺服器(tomcat,php-fpm, nginx)的配置及優化,熟練使用SQL語言、oracle、mysql
4. 對軟體附載均衡有一定瞭解,例如:lvs、keepalive、haproxy...等
5. 能靈活運用一種以上的指令碼語言,例如:shell、python...等
6. 熟悉網路原理、TCP/IP協定
7. 有網頁遊戲維運經驗者優先
6. 輪班制